Mimaki TXF150-75 DTF printer

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TxF150-75 is a reliable, high-quality printer incorporating Mimaki’s technologies based on „safety and stability.” The DTF printer is designed to focus on stable quality, including functions to prevent „ink ejection failure” and „white ink clogging,” which have been significant issues for DTF printers.

  • Equipped with the newest version of Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCTv2) that prevents white ink sedimentation by constantly circulating the ink
  • A degassed aluminum ink pack prevents nozzle clogging by reducing oxygen and other gases from mixing with the ink.
  • The nozzle check unit (NCU) & Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) check for clogged nozzles and automatically perform nozzle cleaning and replacement without interrupting printing.

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București, România
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